Tags and Labels Overview

The diversity of material, different production techniques and features allows the unlimited possibility of design and application to serve different purposes.


Hangtags are essential packaging items for brand name presentation and promotional purposes. They also carry most of the necessary SKU information for the apparels such as size and price. In addition to coated paperboard and fancy paper, U.R. Label also specializes in plastics, fabrics and PU. The fusion of aging, stitching, varnishing and decorative accessories allows for a high level of flexibility in the types of hangtags we can produce for you.

Adhesive Labels

Adhesive labels serve a wide variety of purposes in many industries. The right combination of face substrate and adhesive glue allows labels to be used on the packaging as well as directly on the merchandise itself.

Printed Labels

Traditionally, labels were usually only found on the inside of garments. They contained important information such as the washing and care instructions, size, material composition and the origin of the product. Recently, exterior labels have come to be seen as an effective advertising tool. The diversity of material and production techniques available makes it possible to create many different effects.
The combination of a well-designed label with the state-of-the-art production techniques always produces outstanding results.

Woven Labels

The continued popularity of different types of weaving such as satin, taffeta, damask and twill ensures that woven labels remain the cornerstone of our industry.

Heat Transfer Labels

The image or content of a label is completely embedded into the fabric of the apparel, leaving basically no physical existence of an actual label. This unique feature makes it an ideal label for sportswear and body wear since there is no actual contact between the label and skin. The low cost and ease of application onto a garment are additional benefits which result in a greatly enhanced appearance of the garment.

Badges / Patches

Different types of badges/patches are important decorative trimmings as they bring life and spirit to apparels. Colorful design and 3-D effect are always eye-catching and there are a lot of different features available to fit with different styles of apparels. Badges/patches are often used in jackets, jeans, casual wear, sportswear as well as in accessories like bags, belt and caps etc…Typical examples are embroidery patches, micro-injection badges, leather patches, sonic embossed plastic badges.


The Decent design of packaging can greatly enhance the perceived value of the merchandise. Appropriate choice of material, graphic design and construction are the key elements to create attractive packaging for gift boxes and bags/pouches.


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